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Lisse Design Keratin Therapy

Semi de lino diamante illuminating shine treatment

• Makes hair smooth, velvety, glossy and tangle free.

• Eliminates frizz and makes unruly hair more manageable

• Lasting results up to 3 months (with each application the effect is better and longer lasting.)

The next generation of shine technology dedicated to glamorous, gloriously glowing hair!

• Maximizes the shine and beauty of your hair without weighing it down.

• A non invasive non chemical treatment that is kind to the hair.

• Can be achieved in 5-15 minutes at the back wash.

• An affordable treat to add to your salon experience.

Model tearing up an image of herself with her old hairstyle

A revolutionary smoothing treatment with keratin for all hair types.  

Professional hair products and a model with big bouncy hair Model with big hair and a full fringe

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